Windshield Woes

October 29th, 2013
by Marc

There are a few things I don’t care to talk about: cars and politics. But I will go on about one of these topics due to recent events in connection with Precision Auto Glass, windshield replacement in Sacramento. I hope it’s obvious enough by now that I’m not talking about politics! I am actually going to to talk about cars for once, and windshields to be specific, actually.

The reason I am going to write about windshields is because one of mine recently got a crack in it. Maybe it came from another smaller chip or crack, or maybe someone decided to jump on top of it while I wasn’t watching, but it was there. I was not happy about the fact that I had a crack in my windshield , but I was willing to take it in and have it repaired.

It’s really important to talk about the fact that having a cracked windshield is really dangerous, which is why I called Precision Auto Glass to come make repairs to my car. They even came to my office to help me out. They came to my office and repaired my windshield and I was so glad that I had heard about Precision Auto Glass!

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