The Vacation Home For a Growing Family

October 16th, 2012
by Marc

vacation homes in mauiThe only things keeping us from buying a vacation home were time and money. Time, because both my husband and I worked too much to leave Portland for more than a weekend. And money, because we never thought that we could find anything in Maui that we could afford. But with the help of The Smith Team at Maui Sales, we were able to make it happen.

After ten years of toiling at our jobs and caring for young children, we were finally at a point in both of our careers that would allow a little more flexibility for vacation time. And with this flexibility also came with higher pay, which meant that not only could we get away, but we could afford to get away. We liked the idea of having a vacation home because on a whim, we could spend a week there without having to worry about booking a hotel room or worrying about expensive holiday rates. Speaking of holidays, we would also be able to have a built-in holiday plan for our family, especially when our kids got older and went away to college. It would be great to have somewhere that felt like a second home when we vacationed together.

So we began our search for our perfect home away from home. We stumbled upon The Smith Team at Maui Sales while we were doing some preliminary web searches for Maui real estate. They were the first website we found, so we clicked on the link. After reading their about page, we knew we wanted them to help us find a Maui home for us because they were a family-run business. We felt it would be appropriate for us to hire a family real estate company when we were looking for a vacation home for our family.

So my husband and I planned to take a trip out to Maui to start looking at properties The Smith Team thought would fit our budget and our needs for a home. We wanted it to be close to Lahaina and to have three to five bedrooms. With our family, we really only needed three bedrooms, but we wanted the option of having guests stay wit us over holidays and perhaps accommodate the needs of a growing family. In purchasing the home in Maui, we were hoping to invest in our future. And even when we were gone, we hoped it would be a place for our children to take their families as well.

Luckily for us, the process of finding a Maui home didn’t take very long. In fact, the home we ended up buying was one of the first properties we saw that first week of looking for homes. We went for a four bedroom home just five minutes from central Lahaina, and exactly seven minutes from the beach. It was the perfect vacation home and fit our family perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with our new Maui vacation home.

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