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Moving to San Diego Try Manpower Movers

October 26th, 2012

Thinking of moving to San Diego? Well, if you are here is the perfect moving company. There name is Manpower Movers, and they are located in San Diego, CA. Manpower Movers provides moving services in San Diego, La Jolla, Encinitas, and Carlsbad. The reason I’m referring them is because I just moved from northern CA, and used them for my long distance move across the great state of California.

Let me start by saying nothing was broken. After driving 500 miles, not one item broke. I know that is a rarity and breakage is part of moving, but Manpower Movers directed me to their blog after I booked my move. Manpower Movers blog is filled with packing and organizing tips that although are common sense, you don’t think about unless you are read it from professionals.

The second reason for recommending Manpower Movers is that they offer ¬†great rates. On my move they gave me a quote and stuck to it. The move itself hit every milestone in their quote so I knew we were sticking to schedule the entire time. It’s refreshing to know the movers of Manpower were aware of my quote and the milestones they had to stick to so that my move did not go over budget.

Lastly, San Diego is beautiful. I mean, extremely beautiful. And Manpower Movers didn’t ruin my first impression of the city. They actually gave me a nice welcoming present by making sure my belongings were safe and sound. If you live in San Diego, use Manpower Movers. They are awesome!

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