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New Windows Just In Time!

September 11th, 2012

new windowsD&D Windows, offers replacement windows and vinyl windows throughout Sacramento, CA.

When storm season hit last year, we had no idea how very unprepared we were. Our house was old, but we had taken the last five years to slowly renovate it at our own pace. Unfortunately, we had not gotten to redoing the windows when the biggest storm of the season hit us in El Dorado Hills. The old wood was already rotting a bit, but with water damage, the windows warped terribly, leading to leakage as well as making our house look terrible.

At the time, we were in the middle of winter and we knew out troubles were anything but over. Luckily, we had several contractors on hand that we had picked out for when the time came for us to make certain repairs. We called our selected contractor, American Windows Manufacturing and immediately they were able to come out for replacement windows. We ended up choosing vinyl windows because they were a great price and would hold up for a long time. Vinyl windows are also heat resistant and are weather-sealed for condensation prevention. Another benefit we found out was that unlike wood, vinyl wouldn’t rot, peel or deteriorate like wooden windows.

The moment we got our windows put in, we wished we had done it earlier. They didn’t even end up costing us as much as we had imagined and made our home look 100 times better than they did previously. Before, the wood on the exterior and interior of the house was rotting and although we had a fresh coat of paint, the windows were an eye sore.

Now that we have new windows, it’s like our house has had a makeover. The next item on our list is to redo the shower doors which, luckily for us, is another service American Windows provides. Although they will be another investment, I have learned from our window tragedy that it’s better to preempt disaster that deal with a problem like having leaking windows in the middle of the winter. We were just lucky that American Windows was able to come and help us out at such a short notice. Now that I think about it, we should probably also take care of our faulty sprinkler system. Maybe NEXT summer…

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