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A Safe Bathroom for Dad

October 19th, 2012

After my dad had a stroke, we knew that he couldn’t be on his own anymore. We didn’t want him to be in a home, but we weren’t fully equipped to meet his needs with the set up we currently had. Our kids had all gone, so our guest bathroom was rarely ever used anymore. In fact, before we remodeled it, it hadn’t been worked on for probably 10 years. With a elderly man moving into our home, we knew we would have to make a few adjustments to make it safe for him. His mobility isn’t very limited yet, but we also wanted to make sure that if he became unable to walk, that the bathrooms would be able to accommodate him.

We started by looking online for remodelers who could make our bathroom more senior friendly. During our search, we found a company called Premier Remodeling and Construction of Sacramento Roseville Folsom Rocklin, and El Dorado Hills, that had photos of bathroom renovations they had done before to make a home safer for an older person. We had them come in for a free quote and they quoted the bathroom for a reasonable price—we did not expect that at all.

We wanted Premier to install a walk-in tub, as well as several poles that would help my father safely lower himself onto the toilet. In addition to making the bathroom safer for him, we also wanted it to look a little better, as it was currently a little worn for wear. So we had them retime the bathroom, install new granite countertops and install new hardware. We wanted my dad to feel as comfortable in his new setting as possible.

As soon as my dad moved in and took a look at what we had done with the bathroom, we was so grateful that we did it all just for him. He especially liked the tub, because it was sometimes hard for him to get into his shower because it was connected to a bathtub that was hard for him to get into.  And we were happy that my dad felt safe in his new home.

It’s been six weeks since my dad moved in with us and though it was a transition for all of us at first, we are all so happy to have him here with us. We have peace of mind that even when he is by himself, that he will be safe.

But not only was the bathroom functional, it was beautifully done. We were impressed with the care and hard work Premier put into remodeling the bathroom to make it safe and renovated for my father.

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