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Using a Property Management Company

August 7th, 2012

Vienna Property Management associate working with rentersSo, I just bought my first rental property. And honestly, If it wasn’t for Vienna Property Management who operates out of El Dorado HIlls, Lincoln and Citrus Heights, I might not own an investment property anymore. I thought that owning a property for investment purposes would be easy. You fix it up, rent it out, pay your mortgage and keep what’s left over. Wow, was I surprised at the amount of work it actually takes to keep an investment property in the black.

First off, dealing with tenants and property issues are not easy, and take a considerable amount of time. When tenants have issues the property needs to be attended too immediately. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week. If a property needs fixing, it’s the landlords job to fix it.

Secondly, if the property is vacant the entire mortgage comes out of my pocket. If a property is vacant for an extended period of time, my investment could actually go belly up. And if a property is vacant that means I have to find the tenants. With a full time job, I couldn’t have been more naive into thinking I could do this on my own.

Fortunately, after losing money for 6 months on my investment, I decided to use a property management company. I Googled property managers in my area and found Vienna Property Management. They operate out of Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights and Lincoln. From what I gathered, they appeared to be the number one property management company in the area. Upon signing with them, my property has been occupied at a rate higher than what I was going for, and they take of all the tenant problems. I now have a true investment property thanks to Vienna Property Management, and I even got my spare time back. Thanks Vienna.

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