Specialty Shower Doors and Our Remodel

December 5th, 2012
by Marc

D&D Windows offers replacement windows for commercial and residential properties throughout the Sacramento area.

It may just be a shower door, but we didn’t see it that way, and neither did D&D Windows in Sacramento and Roseville. We were lucky to find a shower door installer and designer who felt that a shower door was as important as the shower inside of it. And actually, that a shower door could be the most decorative piece in a bathroom.

We were halfway into a remodel when our contractor just wasn’t working out for us. They were sloppy and lazy and did not see the same vision for our home as we did. So we fired them right before they were supposed to install a shower door. That’s when we decided to get a company that specialized in glass and shower doors. We found American of Sacramento and Roseville because for every search we conducted on Google looking for shower doors, they popped up number 1.

We immediately called them and asked them if they could come to our home and give us an estimate. They were willing to and I was pretty excited about that because I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to fit us in on such a short notice. But they were able to accommodate us and came to our home to consult us as to what kind of design they would be able to do in our master bathroom.

When they got to our home, they had so many great ideas, it was hard to narrow it down as to which design we wanted. After going back and forth for a while, we finally settled on doing something with a frameless shower door and then doing a chip top on the top of the shower door to make it look more natural. After we got the drawings for it, we were pretty excited that we would have new and awesome shower doors. We were worried that after we got the new shower doors, we would never want to get out of the shower!!

Now that we have our new shower doors, we are so excited that we get to show them off to our friends and family. We are so happy that we ended up hiring D&D Windows because they knew exactly what they were doing. They were professional, skilled and did great work.

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