Small Business Vending Go-To

February 25th, 2013
by Marc

My company in the San Francisco Bay Area has been doing well this year and we brought on a handful of new employees. Now that we have a full office, I’ve been considering looking at vending services in the area to provide food and drink to my employees. San Francisco Bay Area Vending was recommended to me so I checked them out.

They are a fellow small business, like me, and they service the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide vending machines that are new and have the latest technology. They also come with a great variety of snacks and beverage, including healthy options. I was sold. I talked to them over the phone and told them exactly what I wanted, and it was as simple as that.

They had someone bring out the 2 machines I wanted and they did all the work. They installed the machines and stocked them with products. Paying each month is also easy. They just keep track of how many items have been used and bill you accordingly the next month. I couldn’t have gone with a better company. They know the meaning of great customer service.

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