Restaurant Real Estate

March 12th, 2013
by Marc

I wanted to open up a restaurant in Sacramento but wasn’t sure of what the perfect location would be for the audience I was trying to target. I had a few areas in mind, but finding the perfect space is really difficult. Fortunately I had seen signs around town for CBRE. They are a worldwide company that offers commercial real estate services in the Sacramento area. I gave them a call to see what types of properties they had available.

They met with me right away and we discussed what type of spaces I was looking for. They had so many options around town! Not to mention great storefronts in really heavy traffic areas. They had a great place in one of the neighborhoods I had been considering, so they took me there to have a look at the space. It already had all of the hookups I needed in the kitchen for my industrial appliances etc. And, the space was so cool. I could do a lot with it and make it into the restaurant I’d always dreamed of.

I ended up signing on that place and have had a great start to my business. The customers flock in to my location because of where it’s at and how busy the area is around it. I can’t thank CBRE enough for all the help they gave me in finding me the right spot, with the right amount of traffic I was looking for. I found the perfect space and business is flowing!

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