Preventing Window Damage

July 27th, 2012
by Marc

Picture of Windows damaged by rainWindow-related damage is one of the most frequent issues claimed by homeowners seeking reimbursing or coverage for home. Many problems include rotted frames, broken panes, fogged up double panes and jammed up or warped sashes. Fortunately, many of these are preventable. As long as you have had your windows properly by a professional (barring any natural disasters or freak accidents), you should be able to prevent any damages that may occur.

D&D Windows, offering windows Sacramento, A common problem with windows involves moisture damage from humidity levels in the home being too high. While sometimes condensation and humidity occurs because the outside temperatures are significantly cooler than the inside (usually during the winter months), sometimes damages can be caused because the windows are not properly maintained by the homeowner. If you have a humidifier in your home, you should be careful that it isn’t creating too much moister, as it can lead to damage of the home and windows over time. It is a personal preference, but you probably will be glad that you’ve kept in check when you don’t have to replace your windows because of moisture damage.

A less frequent form of window damage comes from structural issues within the home itself. If there is an earthquake or anything that causes the home to shift, windows can become broken or frames may also become warped or bent. Aside from earthquakes though, other causes of structural damage include nearby construction, high wind, excessive loading and remodels or faulty construction. It can be hard to prevent this kind of damage, but you should always make sure that whomever is doing work on your home is properly licensed and bonded so that if issues do occur, you and your home will be properly protected.

Not all window damage can be prevented, but if you do your part in making sure to properly maintain and keep moisture out, you shouldn’t have many issues with your windows. In addition to asking your window installer about maintaining your windows, you should ask them how long the warranty lasts. Generally, you can expect a warranty to last about ten years. But many differ depending on the manufacturer. You should ask about the specifics of the warranty because at the end of the day, that may be the deciding factor.

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