Moving Don’ts in San Diego

July 24th, 2012
by Marc

Take it from us, you will have plenty of things to DO during your move, so today we are focusing on what NOT to do during your move. Here are some helpful hints provided to us by Manpower Movers San Diego:

Don’t use printed newspaper when packing fine china.

Instead, use packing paper. Really, you should use packing paper for every item you pack because newspaper can bleed ink onto anything it has contact with. The last thing you want is for your mother-in-law’s china to arrive safety to your new home with the funnies plastered all over it!

Don’t use large boxes when packing books.

This goes for other heavy items as well. The reason is because books are very heavy for their size. Pack a cardboard box full of them and you suddenly have a very heavy box that could break or injure the person carrying it.

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve a mover.

Chances are, you are not the only person in the world moving on the day you have elected to do so. You will want to make sure to give your movers 4 to 6 weeks advance notice if at all possible. That way you can make sure they will have the necessary equipment to assist you during your move.

Don’t use previously used boxes.

It may be tempting to use boxes inherited by friends and family, but it is best to use new boxes especially made for moving. Used boxes may not be structurally sound after a previous move and can collapse, leaving you with damaged or broken belongings. Alternatively, many companies offer programs that utilize large plastic bins that are reusable and better for the environment.

Don’t use boxes without tops.

Again, you may be tempted to work with what you already have, but boxes without tops aren’t stackable and therefore difficult to transport. Buying the necessary supplies when you are moving will save a lot of time and will better preserve your belongings from damage.  You will want to make sure to tape boxes shut, not simply interlock them because they can easily cave in and crush the contents inside.

Don’t use duct tape.

Instead, use packing tape. Duct tape may seem like the sturdier choice, but it doesn’t stick to cardboard very well. Packing tape, on the other hand, is designed to stick to surfaces made of paper.

Don’t pack items from different rooms in the same box.

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Sticky: Reasons to Eat more Superfoods each Day and what to Eat

April 21st, 2012
by Marc

The term “superfoods” has been given to a variety of different foods that have proven to be essential for good health! These have vitamins, minerals, essential fats and antioxidants in them. These work to help support a healthier body. Without proper nutrients you could find that your skin breaks out, your nails easily break, you feel weak and you have a hard time losing weight.

What are the superfoods that you should eat?

The good news is that there are a lot of different superfoods that you can enjoy having throughout each day! They can easily be incorporated to your meals and be substituted for other things that probably aren’t as healthy. The foods you should eat include: salmon, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, blueberries, beans, soy, tea, tomatoes, turkey, oats, oranges, pumpkin and more! With all the options that you can choose from, there are endless meal options. There are even easy snacks you can take with you while at work or school.

Reasons to eat more of these?

If you don’t see the point of eating healthier foods like these, do some research! You will find out just how many vitamins and nutrients each of these things has in them. When your body is healthier you are going to feel a lot better each day. This could even result in being able to lose weight and feel more energetic. All of the different food options are all-natural and low in calories.

These also help support a healthy immune system by pushing toxins out of the body. By having fewer toxins you will be less likely to get sick and have to deal with illnesses. Most people start with a few key foods in their diet and work more in as time goes on. No matter how you choose to eat these foods, they are still going to be great for your body. You will notice a positive difference in your health as a result!

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Sticky: How to Pick the Best Cookware

April 20th, 2012
by Marc

If you head over to the kitchenware section of a department store near you, don’t be surprised to see a wide selection of pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. These utensils come in a variety of brands, and they are made from different kinds of materials. So to make sure that you pick the right set of cookware for your cooking needs, invest some time in the selection process.

How can you pick the best cookware for your money? Here are some easy-to-do and practical tips and guidelines to heed.

best cookware

Quest for Best Cookware

First, go over reviews created by kitchen experts and consumers. These reviews contain different kinds of information that can help you make the right decision. If you go over a review, expect to see a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of a certain brand of cookware. You can also come across an objective assessment of the product. These reviews can be in the form of a well-written article or a neatly made video. So pick the format that you’re comfortable in. Also, these reviews and testimonials can be found almost everywhere. But if you want materials that you can access anytime, you might want to go online and scour the Internet for these materials.

Second, subscribe to a cookware company’s newsletter. Through a newsletter, a company informs their customers with the latest discounts, special offers, and new products. So if you want to be informed of the best products on the market, create an account with a company to start receiving regular updates.

Last, join in forum discussions and get in touch with people you know through social marketing sites. Doing this will let you interact with people who can tell you which cookware products are worth buying or not. They can even point you to where special deals and discounts are located. So as soon as you can the chance, start interacting with friends and joining forums.

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Sticky: Where to find Dungeons and Dragons Dice to Use

April 18th, 2012
by Marc

There are a lot of people that play Dungeons and Dragons the game. In order to play, Dungeons and Dragons dice are going to be required! These come in a wide variety of different colors and styles. With all the different options available it’s easy for anyone to find the type that they love. If you are looking to express your personality with this accessory, they are available all over!

How to find different dice options?

The easiest way to find a wide variety of different dice options is by looking around online. There are a lot of websites that sell these in all different colors and styles. If you compare prices between different websites it will be easy to save money and get a great deal!

Websites like Amazon sell these but so do auction websites like Ebay. Where you buy is up to you, just make sure to compare prices.

What the packages come with?

Of course the dice are going to come included in the package. The color and design will depend on which you choose. Some are black while others are green, so there are a variety of options. Most sets will come with a bag to carry everything in, but some might not come with this. The dice included will be: one 20-sided die, one 12-sided die, one percentile die, one 10-sided die, one 8-sided die, 4-six sided dice and one 4-sided die.

These are some of the most important accessories that are required in order to play the game. Of course the hand book and other items will be needed as well. By being able to choose the style and color of dice that you get, you will be able to express your personality! There are a lot of choices and great deals available. By shopping around you can find exactly what works best for you and what will be the best value.

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Sticky: How to choose a Wedding Venue in Somerset

April 17th, 2012
by Marc

Getting married is really exciting, but once the planning process begins it’s easy to get stressed out. By taking things one day at a time you can make your wedding planning process a lot more enjoyable. One of the first things you should figure out is the wedding venue you will rent out!

How to find the best wedding venue in Somerset for yourself?

A wedding venue in Somerset is not only romantic but also memorable. Since there are so many great wedding venues in Somerset, there are a whole lot of places to consider. The easiest ways to find just what you are looking for is to hire a wedding planner. Someone who is experienced with the area will be able to help out with different venues and bring you to them so you can see what they are like.

Not hiring a wedding planner? You can still find a venue on your own! The internet is going to be a great tool to use because there are actually comparison websites made just for wedding venues. All you have to do is type in your zip code and what requirements you have. After this, a list will come back with different venues that fit the bill!

How to choose a venue?

In order to choose the right one, write down a list of some you like the best. Call them up to see if they have your date available and what the cost is going to be. There is no point in going to see a venue if they won’t be available or affordable. Once you have a few good options, go see them in person! This is extremely important since some places look different in pictures than in person.

Doing this far in advance will ensure you have a place set and ready for you! After finding your wedding venue in the area you can focus on all the other details of the wedding and get the small things out of the way!

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Sticky: Causes of Hair Loss in Women

April 17th, 2012
by Marc

Did you know that hair loss in women surprisingly is in fact quite a common condition? You might be surprised with this fact because most of us are educated that men only suffer the condition. The answer to this is no since women do suffer from hair loss and this problem had been increasing over the years. We should be aware though what are the most common causes of hair loss in women. Surprisingly, pattern baldness is also common in women. Some females overproduce the hormone testosterone which is normally found in males and the reaction to this hormone may cause baldness. Women though are great in hiding their baldness with style that is why it is not that obvious. Another medical condition that causes baldness is Alopecia areata. The cause of this is unknown and comprises patchy baldness not only found in the head but also to some parts of the body. There is no known documented treatment for this condition but most doctors prescribe and antibacterial with steroid component cream or ointment and usually it works effectively. This condition would normally resolve spontaneously in no time so there’s no need to worry. Surprisingly, stress can add up to the length of time of recovery that is why, we need to avoid it. For some reasons, stress is the most common aggravating factor of almost all diseases. Common remedies for baldness are proper hygiene in the case of alopecia and for pattern baldness, avoid wearing caps all the time. Mild shampoo is also recommended for almost all types of baldness and of course not worrying too much. Some people opt for hair growth regimens and few of them are effective especially if baldness is hereditary. For girls, it is therefore advised to wear your hair with style in case you suffer for the condition. Hair loss after all is not a threat.

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Sticky: Benefits of Having 800 Numbers for Your Business

April 12th, 2012
by Marc

When thinking of enhancing your business branding and customer service, having 800 numbers for your business can hit two birds with one stone. While you will have to pay the telephone company in order to have a business 800 number, there are a number of advantages in having one.

Premium 800 Numbers Aid in Your Business’ Branding

Having an 800 number creates an image of sincerity and professionalism. When a company invests in tools that make it easier for customers to get in touch with them, it creates a perception that customer service is a company priority.

A 1-800 number that spells out the company name through the phone’s alpha-numeric keypad makes more people remember your number. This is even going a step further in your company branding.

Reach Out to More Customers and Potential Customers

Many 1-800 numbers can be called toll-free. This is perfect if you would like to get customers from nearby counties and states. This works well if you have products that can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. Companies with online products, which are downloadable or accessible right after payments were made, can also get more sales by having a toll-free 800 number.

Reminders About Having a Business 800 Number

If you can afford it, have a different 800 number for sales inquiries and another number for technical support. With this you can assign specialists to answer each line. Also, when a technical specialist has been stressed out by complicated inquiries, sales calls will not be affected by the technical support personnel’s mood.

When you have a 1-800 number for your business, be sure to keep up with your payment schedule. If your 800 number becomes inactive, you may lose a big fraction of your customers.

If you want to get your customer service and company branding to a higher level, consider getting 800 numbers for your business. These are easy for your clients to remember and will connect them to you fast. To get more information on this service, contact your telephone service provider and other communications service companies.

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Sticky: Choosing a Boys Crib Bedding

December 9th, 2011
by Marc

Since babies spend a lot of their time sleeping, it is very important to invest in an excellent boys crib bedding for your new baby boy. One might wonder what makes an excellent boys crib bedding set. Let me simplify it for you. When looking for excellent boys baby crib bedding, three things matter the most; comfort, safety and theme.

Your baby boy’s comfort is the most important factor when deciding crib bedding. Naturally grown fabric make the best boys crib bedding as far as comfort is concerned. Particularly, boys crib bedding made of cotton and wool are cool and soft and are keep your baby comfortable. Synthetic materials tend to increase the body temperature of your baby and may make your baby boy sweat.

Another factor that you simply cannot compromise when looking for a crib for your baby boy is safety. Boys crib bedding sets with bumper pads on the rails for the crib score top marks here.

And lastly, the theme of your crib bedding set is important too. It should complement the overall theme of your nursery to create a relaxed atmosphere for the baby to sleep well and enjoy.

Remember that comfort, safety and theme is what really matters when choosing a boys crib bedding.

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Sticky: Natural Fertility Treatments

November 30th, 2011
by Marc

There are several drugs in the market that are meant to treat infertility. Some of the drugs are effective. Most people turn to these drugs in order to treat their condition. Other than the drugs, there are natural fertility treatment methods which are known to be very effective as they have been used over years. One of the methods used is aromatherapy. It is believed that some of the products used in aromatherapy contain substances that help treat infertility.

The practice of yoga has also been said to treat the condition. Stress is known to cause infertility and yoga teaches one to manage stress thus preventing infertility. There are also herbs that are used to treat the condition. Acupuncture is also effective as it helps to increase the blood flow to the endometrium. Eating healthily is also important as the foods will provide essential minerals in the body that can help do away with infertility.

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Sticky: Everything about Raleigh SEO Company

November 26th, 2011
by Marc

Have you ever tried the services of a search engine optimization company? Those who are trying their luck with the internet marketing should consider investing some money in a great Raleigh SEO company as this can make the difference between a successful online business and a complete failure. Small, local businesses usually depend on the local sales in order to survive, but a web site can really help you enlarge the borders. A very well managed web site can bring you huge profits, as nowadays, people prefer to use the internet in order to do shopping. Folks prefer to shop via the internet because it is fast, easy and comfortable and internet users love the fact that they save a lot of time. The SEO Company will know how to help you advertise your web site and they will use special techniques in order to attract the attention of internet users upon your business. Invest in Raleigh search engine optimization company, as the return of the investment will be an impressive one.

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November 22nd, 2011
by Marc

I hate the holiday season. But, listed below are people who totally deserve to both profit from and love it.

So I’m sitting here about to write a “Holiday Shopping Review,” about to give people advice on where to shop and what to buy for the holidays. Then, I realized, I hate them. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are my three least favorite holidays on the calendar (blame my family, “Vict’ry With the Help of God,” from 8th Grade Chorus and being a lapsed Catholic respectively) and in writing said review, my head would likely explode from plain outright lying and being a pandering author, which is certainly not my goal here in any way whatsoever.

So, instead of all of that nonsense, I’ll tell you about a few good people I know over the next few weeks and whythey actually deserve your money at the holidays for being just all around top notch quality people you’ve likely never heard of, but should:

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November 22nd, 2011
by Marc

Teach…your children well…

So, some find this controversial, I find it wonderful. My political acculturing took place in 1988 when I played Michael Dukakis versus Kimathi Tull’s George Bush in a group of debates shown in the DC Public School System. These kids, they get their political awkening from reciting painstakingly reworked T.I. lyrics. I’m all for subverting the system for the sake of education. This is really quite amazing. I can’t imagine the kids esposusing John McCain were happy, but, shit. They got on CNN for this, so i suppose it really wasn’t that hard of a sell. Me, I’d be the kid refusing to take part at all. I once turned down a semester trip to Saudi Arabia in the sixth grade because of my fear of terrorism. Yeah, that one was pretty dumb. I mean, the girl that ended up going, yeah, all she took from the trip was that English speaking shows are badly dubbed and McDonald’s tastes the same pretty much everywhere. Gah! But yeah, without further ado, the children from Atlanta, GA’s Ron Clark Academy with “You Can Vote However You Like…”


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The Last Post

November 17th, 2011
by Marc

Why do I write about music? I know so perilously little about music. However, given that I’m a human being, and thereby obsessed with feeling good, I know a lot about emotion. Sure, if you’ve read True Genius Requires Insanity over the past three years, you’d beg to disagree, but I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. I’m not Jim Morrison. I can easily trace my desire to write about music to one point. I was eight years old  in the backseat of my uncle’s Cadillac eating a six piece Chicken McNugget happy meal when The Doors’ “Light My Fire” played on the car stereo. The song was mysterious and new to me, and made me want to know how music could sound like that? Until that point, the most seminal artists in my existence were Michael Jackson, Prince, Culture Club, Olivia Newton-John and Duran Duran, in that order. The deep, psychedelic sound of Ray Manzarek’s keyboard and Morrison’s vocals had me hooked. It was the simple question that my uncle asked in a joking manner that pushed me over the edge. “Man, that guy sure wants somebody to light his damn fire! I wonder why?” Exactly! Why? Why did this song sound like this, why did it open my mind and why did it make me want to hear more? True Genius Requires Insanity, in pondering the human emotions and desires engendered by aural qualities of instruments, has succeeded in answering a nearly 25 year old question in my life.

Moving ahead, that question will continue to be posed, but from the point of awareness to having that answer, and seeing where that answer takes all of us. Answering that question has restored order to the disheveled mess I allowed my life to become. If the site has taught me anything, it’s that dedication to a goal can restore one’s ability to live peacefully. Writing about music has allowed me to love life again. Prior to starting TGRI, I made a lot of poor choices that made me perpetually angry at everything and everyone surrounding me. I often chose not to choose, and let life live me, becoming more failed and frustrated by the second.

Grabbing on to music saved me from a sea of angst. I get on my knees daily and thank sound’s broad diversity for keeping me afloat. From hip hop to soul to house, disco, punk, metal, dubstep and now moombahton, music in being perpetual and magnificent gave me hope. I’m an encyclopedia of music because if I stopped searching for cool new sounds to listen to, I’d probably be dead. These days, I adore a great open format DJ set. It’s like a remembrance of things in my recent past, of dark days, pitch black nights, heartbreak, depression and virulent anger, and the sliver of life that kept me, often broken and crawling, moving ahead.

A beloved and beautiful ex-girlfriend once told me the following: “You love music more than you’ll ever love me. The scene is your girlfriend. I’m just here.” If that’s not wild enough, then consider this: I can honestly say that there were points in the last three years where I loved music more than I loved myself. Crazy, right? Well, True Genius Requires Insanity.

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