New House

March 11th, 2013
by Marc

We needed a new house and there was no way were going to go about it alone. We needed help if we were going to find that perfect dream home we were looking for. We wanted a home we could retire in and that would be suitable for having our grandchildren come over and visit us often. We were looking for a realtor in the Sacramento area and happened upon ATK Team. We met with them to see if they were the right fit for us and were immediately impressed. They have a great system going on and it works so well. They got us signed up and started searching for our home.

They only began showing us homes that met all of our criteria and didn’t waste our time. We were thrilled with many of the homes they showed us and were surprised that so many met our expectations. We had a great selection of homes to choose from and found the perfect one. It was only 10 minutes from our grandchildren and had a pool in the backyard so that they could come over and swim in the Summer. The backyard is also huge and is a great space for them to play and for their dogs to run around when they come over.

ATK Team took all of the worry and work off of our hands. They completed all the necessary paperwork for us and got all of the behind the scenes work taken care of. They were great people to work with and really understand the system and how to make it work out in the best possible way. We love our new home and it has changed our lives!

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