New Business, New Property

May 3rd, 2013
by Marc

When it came to buying retail properties in Sacramento, CBRE was the company we went with. I was looking for retail space for my new jewelry business in Sacramento and I saw CBRE billboards everywhere. I knew that I had to contact them to help me get the perfect spot.

I had been running an Etsy store for a few years and selling jewelry from my website, but I finally decided that I wanted a full-blown brink-and-mortar store in the bustling midtown Sacramento. I knew that that location would be best suited for what I was selling.

The folks at CBRE helped me find a great space at the price that worked best with my budget and needs. I wanted a small space yet at a prime location close to bars and restaurants in the area. They found me a great spot right on J Street that was just within my budget. I was so excited that I got just the place that worked for me.

I am glad I went with CBRE because they were experienced and professional—just what I expected of the CBRE brand. As far as retail properties in Sacramento go. CBRE is the only place I’ll ever use.

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