My Big Seattle Move

August 2nd, 2013
by Marc

I work for a company that is based in Seattle, so I know that if I got high enough up, that I would eventually be moving to Seattle. I just didn’t know that I would get promoted so fast. I was going to be moving in a month, so I needed to find a Local Seattle Movers. After doing some research, I found Puget Sound Moving because they had great reviews on Yelp and great customer service. They were really personable, even over the phone.

They agreed to do a move for me that would be a little different than they were used to because I would be moving a little farther than they generally do. But they were really helpful and willing to work with me. I knew that hiring a moving company would be a great decision because it would be so much less stressful than doing it all myself.

And I was right! Working with Puget Sound Moving was a great idea because they made the moving process so easy! And this is coming from someone who HATES MOVING. Now that I’m settled in Seattle, I just love my new place and my new city. Thanks to Puget Sound for getting me there!


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