Moving Up San Francisco

January 6th, 2013
by Marc

moving in san francisco caFrom Concord to the City, I new that I wouldn’t be able to do the move on my own. I hired Golden Bay Relocation, San Francisco Movers, because they were located in San Francisco and available to do moves anywhere in the Bay area. I found them because they were rated very highly on Yelp and I pretty much use Yelp as a measuring stick for everything from restaurants to movers San Francisco.

I was moving from Concord because I was moving in with my girlfriend who just moved to the City. I could pretty much to my work from anywhere in the Northern California region, so I wasn’t too worried about where I lived. But she was just moving from Sacramento to San Francisco for a job and we really didn’t want to have to travel any more than we had to in order to see each other.

It just made sense for us to move in together because she had just gotten this great apartment that her aunt owns and rent was going to be really cheap. We had been dating for about 2 years, so we were both ready to make the move when the time came.

Especially because there were going to be two of us, we each hired a moving company. Hers was based out of Sacramento, and mine was Golden Bay, which is based out of San Francisco. It was a huge apartment, so we would both need to take all of our furniture to the new place. It would have been a nightmare if we had both tried to move from separate locations to a totally new location. It would have been nuts.

Hiring San Francisco Movers worked out perfectly because they arrived first and put everything where it needed to be. I thought it might be confusing to have two moving companies, but they were actually able to work together and get the job done. I don’t know what we would have done without Golden Bay.

Now that my girlfriend and I are settled, I think I’ll add to the positive Yelp reviews for Golden Bay. It only seems fair!

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