Moving Down The Road

April 18th, 2013
by Marc

I was looking for a moving company in the San Francisco area, so of course I checked Yelp first to see who had the best ratings. Golden Bay Relocation, moving companies San Francisco, stuck out right away because they have over 150 reviews on yelp with 5 starts. That’s incredible! So I called them right away to see if they would be able to do my move for me.

I was moving from a tiny apartment in San Francisco to a bigger one a few blocks away. Although it wasn’t that far, there was no way I could have managed the move on my own. Golden Bay Relocation was extremely helpful and talked me through the entire process. They asked me about the items that would need to be moved and gave me a quote.

The best part is that there’s no hidden charges with them, which I had run into with companies I’ve used in the past. They are true professionals. They get in and out quickly and efficiently, and take care of your belongings like they are gold. This is an incredible company and definitely the best movers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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