How Veneers Put a Pep in My Step

July 30th, 2012
by Marc

Picture of a Girl Smiling who has VeneersWhen I turned fifty, I noticed a lot of things weren’t working the way they ought to. I knew it was time to call my dentist in fair oaks. I walked slower, I could no longer beat my son in a game of basketball, and my teeth weren’t like they used to be. I used to play sports, so I had already given my teeth a run for their money. Literally. By the time I was sixteen, I had four teeth knocked out, two of those being my front teeth. To be fair, by body was holding up pretty well considering all the abuse I had put it through all of those years prior. My mother, who had unwittingly become best friends with my dentist, finally pulled me out of hockey after an especially rowdy fight at a hockey game. And that was just the beginning.

My teeth weren’t in very good shape to begin with, but by the time I reached fifty, they weren’t looking as pristine as I had hoped. Some of my implants needed to be replaced and I was thinking that I may even have to get dentures. During a routine visit to my dentist, I asked him about what my options were. I was partly concerned about cosmetics and partly concerned with the integrity of my teeth. I was anxious about the possibility of getting dentures at my age. Luckily, my dentist recommended I get veneers. I had heard of veneers before, but I didn’t really know how they worked and what the advantages of having them were. I was pretty stoked to find out that they were an option for me.

Veneers are created by essentially recreating your teeth to create an overlay that goes over your actual teeth. I wasn’t super attached to my teeth (which is clear by my love of hockey), but I wanted to keep them, if at all possible. Veneers are made of a thin strip of porcelain that are then bonded to your actual teeth. My dentist also informed me that veneers are quite stain resistant, which I was happy to hear. I made a consult appointment for the very next week—I couldn’t wait to get my new teeth!

The procedure itself was relatively easy. It took about an hour and was relatively painless once he gave me local anesthetics. When he gave me a mirror to look at my new teeth, I couldn’t even believe what I saw! I looked younger, and I immediately felt younger. It may seem silly to hear this from a guy that used to play hockey, but seeing my smile at its best not only made me look better, but I immediately felt ten years younger. And lucky for me, my wife entirely agrees.

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