Sticky: Causes of Hair Loss in Women

April 17th, 2012
by Marc

Did you know that hair loss in women surprisingly is in fact quite a common condition? You might be surprised with this fact because most of us are educated that men only suffer the condition. The answer to this is no since women do suffer from hair loss and this problem had been increasing over the years. We should be aware though what are the most common causes of hair loss in women. Surprisingly, pattern baldness is also common in women. Some females overproduce the hormone testosterone which is normally found in males and the reaction to this hormone may cause baldness. Women though are great in hiding their baldness with style that is why it is not that obvious. Another medical condition that causes baldness is Alopecia areata. The cause of this is unknown and comprises patchy baldness not only found in the head but also to some parts of the body. There is no known documented treatment for this condition but most doctors prescribe and antibacterial with steroid component cream or ointment and usually it works effectively. This condition would normally resolve spontaneously in no time so there’s no need to worry. Surprisingly, stress can add up to the length of time of recovery that is why, we need to avoid it. For some reasons, stress is the most common aggravating factor of almost all diseases. Common remedies for baldness are proper hygiene in the case of alopecia and for pattern baldness, avoid wearing caps all the time. Mild shampoo is also recommended for almost all types of baldness and of course not worrying too much. Some people opt for hair growth regimens and few of them are effective especially if baldness is hereditary. For girls, it is therefore advised to wear your hair with style in case you suffer for the condition. Hair loss after all is not a threat.

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