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A Retail Experience

August 20th, 2013

When I opened my own business in early 2007, I had a vision for it– I wanted a certain location, a certain atmosphere, and a certain look. And people who helped me make my retail dreams a reality is CBRE because they helped me find all of the locations that fit my vision plan for my business exactly. In addition to doing research to discover the retail needs of the area, they were also able to help me visualize what furniture would go where. They really painted a picture for me!

It’s now been almost six years and I am so glad I hired CBRE to help me get retail property for my business. I honestly think the location of my store has made all the difference in how my products sell. The old real estate mantra was right! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I feel really accomplished and I can’t wait for CBRE to help me open up a new location in Roseville very soon!

Of course I think my products speak for themselves, but I also think that the location really helped my sales. After all, even if you have a brilliant new product, it won’t mean anything if no one knows about it! So I am very thankful to CBRE for helping me make my dreams come true!

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New Business, New Property

May 3rd, 2013

When it came to buying retail properties in Sacramento, CBRE was the company we went with. I was looking for retail space for my new jewelry business in Sacramento and I saw CBRE billboards everywhere. I knew that I had to contact them to help me get the perfect spot.

I had been running an Etsy store for a few years and selling jewelry from my website, but I finally decided that I wanted a full-blown brink-and-mortar store in the bustling midtown Sacramento. I knew that that location would be best suited for what I was selling.

The folks at CBRE helped me find a great space at the price that worked best with my budget and needs. I wanted a small space yet at a prime location close to bars and restaurants in the area. They found me a great spot right on J Street that was just within my budget. I was so excited that I got just the place that worked for me.

I am glad I went with CBRE because they were experienced and professional—just what I expected of the CBRE brand. As far as retail properties in Sacramento go. CBRE is the only place I’ll ever use.

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Buying A Home

April 25th, 2013

ATK Team is an amazing real estate company in Roseville that helped me find the perfect home for my first time buying. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted and they helped me through the process of narrowing things down. Once I developed more of a perfect picture of the type of house I wanted, they started the hunt for me.

They know everything about the market in Sacramento. When it’s going up, down, what’s coming available when–they have all the scoop and are ahead of the game. They started showing me a few homes to give me an idea of what we were working with.

I had plenty of time to buy the home, I was in no rush, so I wanted to wait until I found the very perfect one. They understood that completely and had no problem working with me for as long as we needed to until the perfect home came available. And then it did!

A few months in, I was dazzled by one of the homes they showed me. It was fresh on the market and I knew I had to hop on it soon. Once I gave ATK Team the go ahead, they went to work and put my offer in. They got everything worked out and we closed on the house. I couldn’t have picked a better company to find me my perfect home!

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Restaurant Real Estate

March 12th, 2013

I wanted to open up a restaurant in Sacramento but wasn’t sure of what the perfect location would be for the audience I was trying to target. I had a few areas in mind, but finding the perfect space is really difficult. Fortunately I had seen signs around town for CBRE. They are a worldwide company that offers commercial real estate services in the Sacramento area. I gave them a call to see what types of properties they had available.

They met with me right away and we discussed what type of spaces I was looking for. They had so many options around town! Not to mention great storefronts in really heavy traffic areas. They had a great place in one of the neighborhoods I had been considering, so they took me there to have a look at the space. It already had all of the hookups I needed in the kitchen for my industrial appliances etc. And, the space was so cool. I could do a lot with it and make it into the restaurant I’d always dreamed of.

I ended up signing on that place and have had a great start to my business. The customers flock in to my location because of where it’s at and how busy the area is around it. I can’t thank CBRE enough for all the help they gave me in finding me the right spot, with the right amount of traffic I was looking for. I found the perfect space and business is flowing!

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New House

March 11th, 2013

We needed a new house and there was no way were going to go about it alone. We needed help if we were going to find that perfect dream home we were looking for. We wanted a home we could retire in and that would be suitable for having our grandchildren come over and visit us often. We were looking for a realtor in the Sacramento area and happened upon ATK Team. We met with them to see if they were the right fit for us and were immediately impressed. They have a great system going on and it works so well. They got us signed up and started searching for our home.

They only began showing us homes that met all of our criteria and didn’t waste our time. We were thrilled with many of the homes they showed us and were surprised that so many met our expectations. We had a great selection of homes to choose from and found the perfect one. It was only 10 minutes from our grandchildren and had a pool in the backyard so that they could come over and swim in the Summer. The backyard is also huge and is a great space for them to play and for their dogs to run around when they come over.

ATK Team took all of the worry and work off of our hands. They completed all the necessary paperwork for us and got all of the behind the scenes work taken care of. They were great people to work with and really understand the system and how to make it work out in the best possible way. We love our new home and it has changed our lives!

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Moving to Citrus Heights

March 5th, 2013
The ATK Team in Roseville helped us find the perfect home in Citrus Heights this year. We had been wanting to purchase a home in the area, but we didn’t really have any of the resources and know-how to make it happen on our own. Once we started working with the ATK Team for our realty needs, we immediately started making headway in our hunt for a home in Citrus Heights.
We liked the idea of living in Citrus Heights because the cost of living would be lower, but we would have excellent access to everything we needed by the freeway. Since it’s centrally located in the Sacramento area, we knew that we would be able to get to downtown Sacramento, Roseville or Carmichael from our new home in Citrus Heights.
The ATK Team really knew the area and immediately set us off I the right direction by showing us homes in neighborhoods that new newer and being developed. It was also important that we had plenty of space and that we stayed on budget.  They were very respectful of this and allowed us to view many homes that were in our requirements and price range.
The ATK Team was incredibly vital in getting us the home in Citrus Heights that we wanted. They played a vital role in the whole process and we probably wouldn’t have found the home we purchased without them. It was nice to have a team we could trust while we were trying to look for our future home.
We love living in Citrus Heights and are so excited to begin our lives here and help build the community. The ATK Team was great to work with and we were very excited about our new house.

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The Vacation Home For a Growing Family

October 16th, 2012

vacation homes in mauiThe only things keeping us from buying a vacation home were time and money. Time, because both my husband and I worked too much to leave Portland for more than a weekend. And money, because we never thought that we could find anything in Maui that we could afford. But with the help of The Smith Team at Maui Sales, we were able to make it happen.

After ten years of toiling at our jobs and caring for young children, we were finally at a point in both of our careers that would allow a little more flexibility for vacation time. And with this flexibility also came with higher pay, which meant that not only could we get away, but we could afford to get away. We liked the idea of having a vacation home because on a whim, we could spend a week there without having to worry about booking a hotel room or worrying about expensive holiday rates. Speaking of holidays, we would also be able to have a built-in holiday plan for our family, especially when our kids got older and went away to college. It would be great to have somewhere that felt like a second home when we vacationed together.

So we began our search for our perfect home away from home. We stumbled upon The Smith Team at Maui Sales while we were doing some preliminary web searches for Maui real estate. They were the first website we found, so we clicked on the link. After reading their about page, we knew we wanted them to help us find a Maui home for us because they were a family-run business. We felt it would be appropriate for us to hire a family real estate company when we were looking for a vacation home for our family.

So my husband and I planned to take a trip out to Maui to start looking at properties The Smith Team thought would fit our budget and our needs for a home. We wanted it to be close to Lahaina and to have three to five bedrooms. With our family, we really only needed three bedrooms, but we wanted the option of having guests stay wit us over holidays and perhaps accommodate the needs of a growing family. In purchasing the home in Maui, we were hoping to invest in our future. And even when we were gone, we hoped it would be a place for our children to take their families as well.

Luckily for us, the process of finding a Maui home didn’t take very long. In fact, the home we ended up buying was one of the first properties we saw that first week of looking for homes. We went for a four bedroom home just five minutes from central Lahaina, and exactly seven minutes from the beach. It was the perfect vacation home and fit our family perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with our new Maui vacation home.

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Maui: Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard

August 20th, 2012

Beach in MauiJust because you live in Maui doesn’t mean you can’t act like a tourist sometimes. When you live in a beautiful place like Maui, it is easy to become jaded by the landscape and culture just because you see it all of the time. Being a tourist in your own backyard is a great way to fall in love with your home island all over again. So it’s time to get your camera out and pack up the car with snacks—you’re going on a staycation!

Maui is called The Magic Isle for a reason. There are so many hikes, adventures and romantic experience right at your fingertips—it’s no wonder Maui is one of the top destinations for honeymooners! A great way to take in Maui’s unique beauty is by going on a long hike. Hana is a great place to hike because the Haleakala National Park has so many options to choose from. Even if you have been there before, you can have an entirely different experience each time you visit.  A favorite within the park is the Kipahulu area, which is 10 miles past the town of Hana. In Kipahulu, you can hike the two-mile trail along the Pipiwai Trail where you can take a dip in any of the streams and pools adjacent to the ocean. Kipahulu is also popular for its concentration of endangered species and views of the ocean.

If you are looking for something adventurous and exciting, swimming with the manta rays should be the next stop on your staycation. Manta rays are some of the largest fish in the ocean with wingspans up to 20 feet or more. Manta rays can seem menacing, but they are actually quite friendly and docile creatures. The Kona coast of Maui is the best places to spot these lovely creatures. Although there are many resorts where you can see the manta rays feeding at night, the best way to spot them is by going on a night boat tour. This way, you can experience them for yourself by swimming with them. As it grows dark, tour guides set up spotlights where the manta rays are known to frequent. The manta rays are attracted by the plankton and are totally visible as they move around and dance in the water. For scuba divers and snorkelers, this is a treat because the manta rays get close to them without touching, giving spectators an interactive experience.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more relaxing time, look no further than Turtle Bay Resort, famous for its luxury and stunning accommodations. Whether you plan to stay the night or take advantage of the golf course or spa, you will have a chance to revitalize and refresh yourself in one of the most famous parts of the island, the North Shore.

It’s important to take time for yourself, and just because you own real estate in Maui Hawaii, a tourist destination, doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the wonder of the place you call home. You should always seek to explore new things to love about the island, as you will likely find no shortage.

If you live in Maui or Hawaii and don’t own real estate, or if you would like to move to Maui or Hawaii and purchase real estate, contact Maui Sales. Ken Smith and The Smith Team have over 20 years experience selling property in Maui, Hawaii.

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