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Remodeling My Missoula Home

March 4th, 2014

When I knew we were going to be looking for a company to do our bathroom remodel Missoula, I started asking around for advice from friends. I heard great things about CJ Remodeling for bathroom remodeling Missoula. When it comes to a remodeling company, it was important to me that they be vouched for by someone I trust. Especially because it involves so much time, money, and a disruption of your home.

My friend who worked with CJ Remodeling previously, told me that she really liked CJ Remodeling because they didn’t try to get her to upgrade everything all at once. In fact, they were able to cut down costs by using existing cabinetry. I like the creativity of CJ Remodeling when it comes to sticking to a budget. Even though we had a higher budget than our friends, we still wanted to go with a company that wouldn’t try to up-sell us at every turn.

Ultimately, we are very happy that CJ Remodeling worked on our bathroom remodel Missoula. The remodel really makes such a huge difference in the look of our home. Now, our master bathroom is a haven for us, not just another place to clean. It is truly beautiful, and I can’t wait to continue to remodel our home.


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A New Home and a New Life!

September 12th, 2013

Ever since I got married ten years ago, it’s always been a dream of ours to build a house of our own. After saving and scrimping for over ten years, our dream was finally a reality. My husband is an architect and a contractor, so he was able to do a lot of the work, but he left the windows to the professionals at D&D Windows.

My husband said that the only things he refuses to work with are glass and tile. I’m not sure why, but I think that maybe he had an incident a while back involving those two things. Either way, I didn’t mid because I knew D & D Windows was a great company that would make sure our windows, and by extension, our home would look great.

I was really challenged with the house because we had saved and waited so long, it was hard to believe we were about to put the finishing touches on it. Even though I’m not an architect or a contractor, my husband still made sure I was very much a part of the process of building our home. I got to select many of the vendors we chose and I also got to chose the colors and materials for most of the house with my husband. I am lucky that we have similar tastes, and when we don’t, we’ve learned how to compromise.


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Kitchen Love

March 13th, 2013

I had always wanted a new kitchen, so when we moved into our house last year we decided it’s the first remodel we would do. We finally had saved the money and were ready to choose a company to do the work. I wanted someone with a lot of experience, I didn’t want to waste any time with amateurs who didn’t know what they were doing. I heard about Premier Remodeling & Construction Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville from a few neighbors. They offer remodeling services in the Sacramento area, and I was sold the moment I walked into their store.

They have really friendly staff that is willing to sit down and talk you through everything. They had great suggestions for what would look best in our particular space and the most affordable options to get the look we wanted while still staying in our budget. They have really competitive prices and were just what we were looking for. I couldn’t wait for them to get started.

Installation was not an issue for us, they hardly got in our way. We prepared before they showed up and they came right in and started working. They even hauled away all of the old stuff, so we didn’t have to worry about what to do with it. Once they were finished I couldn’t believe I finally had the kitchen of my dreams. Everything looked amazing and so professionally done. I’m so happy that we decided to go with Premier!

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Why I Got A Walk-in Tub

February 7th, 2013

I had been thinking about remodeling my bathroom for a while and finally decided it was time. Premier Remodeling & Construction had done some work on my neighbor’s street down the road and loved what they did, so I called for a free estimate.

I’m 62 and my husband is 65, and we still get around great. But, I want to live in this house the rest of my life, so I thought I’d take into consideration making the house a little easier for us to move around in as we got older.

I had heard about walk-in bathtubs briefly before but didn’t know much about them. I was pleased to see that Premier actually offers a wide variety of them, and when I got my free estimate they explained everything to me and showed me how it all works.

Their walk-in bathtubs are so accessible. You walk right in, and sit down for your bath so there’s no worry of getting stuck. The floor of the tub is slip-resistant, and the door to the bath has a strong seal that is guaranteed not to leak. It also drains extremely fast once you’re done with your bath, but doesn’t require any extra plumbing. The water jets around the tub make it feel like you are getting a personal massage.

All of this sounded great, but the cherry on top of the cake was when they told me about their custom tile options. Unlike other companies, Premier installs customized tile around your tub, so that it goes with the style of your home and looks fashionable in your bathroom.

Installing the tub was painless for us. The workers came and were in-and-out in no time at all. They were kind and treated my home like it was their own. It looks amazing and has been a dream to use! I know I will be happy I made this choice, especially as we get older and have a harder time moving around.

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How I Cut My Energy Costs with Home Windows

February 6th, 2013

I live in an older home in the Bay Area and we were due for some new windows. I got a few quotes from some companies around town and California Window Masters of San Jose San Francisco and the Bay Area seemed like the best choice for the right price. When they came out to give me a free quote, I was greeted by a super kind and informative employee.

He gave me the full run down and let me know all my options. I never felt pressured or got the feeling that I was being taken advantage of. He truly cared about my specific wants and needs. Their windows have the latest technology and they have the evidence to prove what it can do to your energy bill.

I couldn’t believe the numbers! The amount of money I’ll save in energy costs over time by getting new windows with California Window Masters will actually end up paying for the cost of the windows themselves! They many have different styles and options to match the look I was going for and that will fit in with the style of our home.

Installation day was painless for us. They let us know before hand everything we needed to do to prepare for their arrival, and they were in and out in no time. They were so professional and really knew what they were doing. While inside our home they were respectful and took special care to not make any mess or disturb anything.

They were just true professionals and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our house looks great and I’m going to be saving so much money now that we have high-quality windows!

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Specialty Shower Doors and Our Remodel

December 5th, 2012

D&D Windows offers replacement windows for commercial and residential properties throughout the Sacramento area.

It may just be a shower door, but we didn’t see it that way, and neither did D&D Windows in Sacramento and Roseville. We were lucky to find a shower door installer and designer who felt that a shower door was as important as the shower inside of it. And actually, that a shower door could be the most decorative piece in a bathroom.

We were halfway into a remodel when our contractor just wasn’t working out for us. They were sloppy and lazy and did not see the same vision for our home as we did. So we fired them right before they were supposed to install a shower door. That’s when we decided to get a company that specialized in glass and shower doors. We found American of Sacramento and Roseville because for every search we conducted on Google looking for shower doors, they popped up number 1.

We immediately called them and asked them if they could come to our home and give us an estimate. They were willing to and I was pretty excited about that because I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to fit us in on such a short notice. But they were able to accommodate us and came to our home to consult us as to what kind of design they would be able to do in our master bathroom.

When they got to our home, they had so many great ideas, it was hard to narrow it down as to which design we wanted. After going back and forth for a while, we finally settled on doing something with a frameless shower door and then doing a chip top on the top of the shower door to make it look more natural. After we got the drawings for it, we were pretty excited that we would have new and awesome shower doors. We were worried that after we got the new shower doors, we would never want to get out of the shower!!

Now that we have our new shower doors, we are so excited that we get to show them off to our friends and family. We are so happy that we ended up hiring D&D Windows because they knew exactly what they were doing. They were professional, skilled and did great work.

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Decision-Making Made Easy with Premier

November 9th, 2012

kitchen design and remodelingDecision-making is not my strong suit, so when it was time for me to make serious remodeling strides in my kitchen, I was at somewhat of a loss. I knew it needed to be done, but  I was letting my indecision get the best of me, putting it off for much longer than I should have. But one day, I made a decision and hire Premier Remodeling & Construction out of Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and El Dorado Hills. I liked that they had a clear vision of how they would remodel my home while also taking into consideration my budget.

The best part about Premier Remodeling & Construction was that I gave them some ideas for what I liked and they were able to just run with it.  This was a huge relief for me because I had a few specifications, but I don’t like to get caught up in the details. At the end of the day, I just wanted results. Results that meant I would be able to enjoy my new kitchen in a timely manner without a huge hassle.

I was immediately impressed with Premier because of the way they approached my kitchen project. They were extremely professional and never once made me feel like I was being taken advantage of or being upsold on anything. They remained true to my budget and only bothered me when they needed to make necessary adjustments. It was really nice to be able to sit back and trust that my kitchen was in great hands.

And in good hands, it was! The process took weeks, not months and the result remains a conversation piece whenever I have guests over. I am blown away by the kitchen cabinet redesign they accomplished for me—I hardly even recognize my kitchen anymore. In addition to completely redesigning and conceptualizing the space, they created a cohesive look for it. This is something I am terrible at, so I was grateful they were able to do so much with the little information I had to give them.

In fact, I was so happy they did a great job in my kitchen that I also hired them to remodel my bathrooms. I trusted Premier almost more than I trusted myself to make design-related decisions. In turn, they were also happy to have the freedom to do whatever they wanted with my home. So by the end, all of us were totally satisfied with this business transaction.

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A Safe Bathroom for Dad

October 19th, 2012

After my dad had a stroke, we knew that he couldn’t be on his own anymore. We didn’t want him to be in a home, but we weren’t fully equipped to meet his needs with the set up we currently had. Our kids had all gone, so our guest bathroom was rarely ever used anymore. In fact, before we remodeled it, it hadn’t been worked on for probably 10 years. With a elderly man moving into our home, we knew we would have to make a few adjustments to make it safe for him. His mobility isn’t very limited yet, but we also wanted to make sure that if he became unable to walk, that the bathrooms would be able to accommodate him.

We started by looking online for remodelers who could make our bathroom more senior friendly. During our search, we found a company called Premier Remodeling and Construction of Sacramento Roseville Folsom Rocklin, and El Dorado Hills, that had photos of bathroom renovations they had done before to make a home safer for an older person. We had them come in for a free quote and they quoted the bathroom for a reasonable price—we did not expect that at all.

We wanted Premier to install a walk-in tub, as well as several poles that would help my father safely lower himself onto the toilet. In addition to making the bathroom safer for him, we also wanted it to look a little better, as it was currently a little worn for wear. So we had them retime the bathroom, install new granite countertops and install new hardware. We wanted my dad to feel as comfortable in his new setting as possible.

As soon as my dad moved in and took a look at what we had done with the bathroom, we was so grateful that we did it all just for him. He especially liked the tub, because it was sometimes hard for him to get into his shower because it was connected to a bathtub that was hard for him to get into.  And we were happy that my dad felt safe in his new home.

It’s been six weeks since my dad moved in with us and though it was a transition for all of us at first, we are all so happy to have him here with us. We have peace of mind that even when he is by himself, that he will be safe.

But not only was the bathroom functional, it was beautifully done. We were impressed with the care and hard work Premier put into remodeling the bathroom to make it safe and renovated for my father.

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New Windows Just In Time!

September 11th, 2012

new windowsD&D Windows, offers replacement windows and vinyl windows throughout Sacramento, CA.

When storm season hit last year, we had no idea how very unprepared we were. Our house was old, but we had taken the last five years to slowly renovate it at our own pace. Unfortunately, we had not gotten to redoing the windows when the biggest storm of the season hit us in El Dorado Hills. The old wood was already rotting a bit, but with water damage, the windows warped terribly, leading to leakage as well as making our house look terrible.

At the time, we were in the middle of winter and we knew out troubles were anything but over. Luckily, we had several contractors on hand that we had picked out for when the time came for us to make certain repairs. We called our selected contractor, American Windows Manufacturing and immediately they were able to come out for replacement windows. We ended up choosing vinyl windows because they were a great price and would hold up for a long time. Vinyl windows are also heat resistant and are weather-sealed for condensation prevention. Another benefit we found out was that unlike wood, vinyl wouldn’t rot, peel or deteriorate like wooden windows.

The moment we got our windows put in, we wished we had done it earlier. They didn’t even end up costing us as much as we had imagined and made our home look 100 times better than they did previously. Before, the wood on the exterior and interior of the house was rotting and although we had a fresh coat of paint, the windows were an eye sore.

Now that we have new windows, it’s like our house has had a makeover. The next item on our list is to redo the shower doors which, luckily for us, is another service American Windows provides. Although they will be another investment, I have learned from our window tragedy that it’s better to preempt disaster that deal with a problem like having leaking windows in the middle of the winter. We were just lucky that American Windows was able to come and help us out at such a short notice. Now that I think about it, we should probably also take care of our faulty sprinkler system. Maybe NEXT summer…

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Preventing Window Damage

July 27th, 2012

Picture of Windows damaged by rainWindow-related damage is one of the most frequent issues claimed by homeowners seeking reimbursing or coverage for home. Many problems include rotted frames, broken panes, fogged up double panes and jammed up or warped sashes. Fortunately, many of these are preventable. As long as you have had your windows properly by a professional (barring any natural disasters or freak accidents), you should be able to prevent any damages that may occur.

D&D Windows, offering windows Sacramento, A common problem with windows involves moisture damage from humidity levels in the home being too high. While sometimes condensation and humidity occurs because the outside temperatures are significantly cooler than the inside (usually during the winter months), sometimes damages can be caused because the windows are not properly maintained by the homeowner. If you have a humidifier in your home, you should be careful that it isn’t creating too much moister, as it can lead to damage of the home and windows over time. It is a personal preference, but you probably will be glad that you’ve kept in check when you don’t have to replace your windows because of moisture damage.

A less frequent form of window damage comes from structural issues within the home itself. If there is an earthquake or anything that causes the home to shift, windows can become broken or frames may also become warped or bent. Aside from earthquakes though, other causes of structural damage include nearby construction, high wind, excessive loading and remodels or faulty construction. It can be hard to prevent this kind of damage, but you should always make sure that whomever is doing work on your home is properly licensed and bonded so that if issues do occur, you and your home will be properly protected.

Not all window damage can be prevented, but if you do your part in making sure to properly maintain and keep moisture out, you shouldn’t have many issues with your windows. In addition to asking your window installer about maintaining your windows, you should ask them how long the warranty lasts. Generally, you can expect a warranty to last about ten years. But many differ depending on the manufacturer. You should ask about the specifics of the warranty because at the end of the day, that may be the deciding factor.

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My First Home

July 26th, 2012

Kitchen Countertop of my homeAfter five years as an RN and seven years of renting a home, I finally decided it was time to buy my own home. I wasn’t married at the time, but I wanted to make steps toward investing in my future. So, on the eve of my 31st birthday, I signed a piece of paper that would hereinafter make me a homeowner (at least for the foreseeable future).  I had a great job and a great life, so I decided it was time to continue moving forward.

The home I bought was in the neighborhood I wanted and had just the right about of character for my taste. The presence of “character” also meant that it was a little older than I was. Most of everything was in great shape, but I knew the kitchen would need some work. It was certainly livable, but since cooking is one of my favorite activities, I wanted to treat myself to a nice kitchen. I knew just about everything about appliances and kitchen tools, but one area in which I knew nothing about was kitchen and bathroom countertops. With all of the options available, I became really overwhelmed. Finally, I decided to do some research on what types of countertops would best suit my needs stylistically and functionally.

Because I like the look of stone countertops, I immediately ruled out tile. My mother had tiled countertops and the last thing I wanted in my newfound symbol of independence was a replica of my mother’s kitchen. I also didn’t want to go with wood because the floors were hardwood and I didn’t want to mimic the look of a log cabin. Now I just had to choose between quartz, granite and synthetic. In all honesty, I didn’t know what any of those actually were. Luckily, I referred to trusty Google and figured out the pros and cons of each.

Upon conducting my fancy Google research, I found that while granite is made of pure stone (usually in full slab form), quartz is about 90 percent natural quartz and 10 percent synthetic materials. While I was originally in favor of natural stone, I was surprised to find out the advantages of quartz versus granite. For one, quartz is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It is hard and doesn’t require the frequent resurfacing that granite does. In addition, granite is porous, which means that bacteria and mildew and get into the pours. As a frequent cook, I much preferred having solid and sturdy surface, as my kitchen sees a lot of action on a daily basis. It seemed that quartz was my best bet.

After installing my new countertops and buying new and shiny appliances, I practically never left my kitchen. I had created a space where myself, as well as family and friends, could come and spend time together in an open and beautiful part of my home. I was truly proud of myself for my new home, but especially proud of my new kitchen.

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