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Remodeling My Missoula Home

March 4th, 2014

When I knew we were going to be looking for a company to do our bathroom remodel Missoula, I started asking around for advice from friends. I heard great things about CJ Remodeling for bathroom remodeling Missoula. When it comes to a remodeling company, it was important to me that they be vouched for by someone I trust. Especially because it involves so much time, money, and a disruption of your home.

My friend who worked with CJ Remodeling previously, told me that she really liked CJ Remodeling because they didn’t try to get her to upgrade everything all at once. In fact, they were able to cut down costs by using existing cabinetry. I like the creativity of CJ Remodeling when it comes to sticking to a budget. Even though we had a higher budget than our friends, we still wanted to go with a company that wouldn’t try to up-sell us at every turn.

Ultimately, we are very happy that CJ Remodeling worked on our bathroom remodel Missoula. The remodel really makes such a huge difference in the look of our home. Now, our master bathroom is a haven for us, not just another place to clean. It is truly beautiful, and I can’t wait to continue to remodel our home.


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A New Home and a New Life!

September 12th, 2013

Ever since I got married ten years ago, it’s always been a dream of ours to build a house of our own. After saving and scrimping for over ten years, our dream was finally a reality. My husband is an architect and a contractor, so he was able to do a lot of the work, but he left the windows to the professionals at D&D Windows.

My husband said that the only things he refuses to work with are glass and tile. I’m not sure why, but I think that maybe he had an incident a while back involving those two things. Either way, I didn’t mid because I knew D & D Windows was a great company that would make sure our windows, and by extension, our home would look great.

I was really challenged with the house because we had saved and waited so long, it was hard to believe we were about to put the finishing touches on it. Even though I’m not an architect or a contractor, my husband still made sure I was very much a part of the process of building our home. I got to select many of the vendors we chose and I also got to chose the colors and materials for most of the house with my husband. I am lucky that we have similar tastes, and when we don’t, we’ve learned how to compromise.


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AC Repair ASAP!

August 8th, 2013

Moving to the central valley in the summer was not my brightest idea to date, but my new job relocation required it. Before I could start looking for a home to buy I rented a small studio apartment in Downtown Sacramento, close to my new job. It was convenient and had everything I needed, especially central A/C to cool off in this Sacramento heat wave. The only problem was that within the first week the A/C unit gave out! They definitely were not kidding about those hot August nights in Sacramento! I needed my AC repaired soon!

After sweating it out for a few nights, I alerted my property manager to my A/C woes, and that I needed AC repair ASAP and luckily the management company had a go to A/C Maintenance Company on call, Alley Heating and Air. They trusted Alley Heating and Air, and had been using them to service their apartment buildings in Sacramento for the past five years, and obviously trusted their service, and their AC repair expertise.

Alley Heating and Air came out within hours to look at my A/C unit, their promptness was astounding! It was amazing! I was so pleased with my quality AC repair the technician, was fast and reapired my central A/C very quickly! No more sleepless nights! I was very happy with Alley Heating and Air AC repair and can understand why my property management company uses them. I will definitely use Alley Heating and Air in the future when I become a homeowner in the greater Sacramento area.

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The window to our sunroom.

June 27th, 2013

I’ve always wanted a sunroom. And California Window Masters made it a reality. I think it all started when I went to childhood friend’s house and they had the most beautiful sunroom overlooking their even more gorgeous backyard. I knew I’d probably never own a home nearly as beautiful, but I’ve always wanted to be rich enough to have a sunroom.

The last time we moved, I told my husband that I wanted to add on to our kitchen and create a sunroom/breakfast nook. I was surprised, but he got really excited about it– the sunroom/breakfast nook had his full approval. We called California Window Masters and they immediately began work on the project– they started the planning process right away.

Between the contractor and California Window Masters, it only took a few weeks to complete the project. In about 30 days, I was able to sit and enjoy a wonderful breakfast overlooking our small, but pretty, backyard. I can’t believe that my childhood dream came true!

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Buying A Home

April 25th, 2013

ATK Team is an amazing real estate company in Roseville that helped me find the perfect home for my first time buying. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted and they helped me through the process of narrowing things down. Once I developed more of a perfect picture of the type of house I wanted, they started the hunt for me.

They know everything about the market in Sacramento. When it’s going up, down, what’s coming available when–they have all the scoop and are ahead of the game. They started showing me a few homes to give me an idea of what we were working with.

I had plenty of time to buy the home, I was in no rush, so I wanted to wait until I found the very perfect one. They understood that completely and had no problem working with me for as long as we needed to until the perfect home came available. And then it did!

A few months in, I was dazzled by one of the homes they showed me. It was fresh on the market and I knew I had to hop on it soon. Once I gave ATK Team the go ahead, they went to work and put my offer in. They got everything worked out and we closed on the house. I couldn’t have picked a better company to find me my perfect home!

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New House

March 11th, 2013

We needed a new house and there was no way were going to go about it alone. We needed help if we were going to find that perfect dream home we were looking for. We wanted a home we could retire in and that would be suitable for having our grandchildren come over and visit us often. We were looking for a realtor in the Sacramento area and happened upon ATK Team. We met with them to see if they were the right fit for us and were immediately impressed. They have a great system going on and it works so well. They got us signed up and started searching for our home.

They only began showing us homes that met all of our criteria and didn’t waste our time. We were thrilled with many of the homes they showed us and were surprised that so many met our expectations. We had a great selection of homes to choose from and found the perfect one. It was only 10 minutes from our grandchildren and had a pool in the backyard so that they could come over and swim in the Summer. The backyard is also huge and is a great space for them to play and for their dogs to run around when they come over.

ATK Team took all of the worry and work off of our hands. They completed all the necessary paperwork for us and got all of the behind the scenes work taken care of. They were great people to work with and really understand the system and how to make it work out in the best possible way. We love our new home and it has changed our lives!

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A/C Repair Blues

March 8th, 2013

The summer before last, our heating was down for two weeks before we could find someone to fix it. But that was before we knew about Alley Heating & Air Conditioning located in Sacramento. When our A/C broke this summer, we were luckily more prepared for it.

Our friends had recommended Alley Heating & Air for air conditioning and heating repair because they had such a great experience with them each time. This meant that when we asked them for a recommendation, they were happy to give us the card of their favorite air conditioning repair company: Alley Heating and Air.

We were really happy with the efficiency and quickness with which Alley worked on our air conditioning to repair it. They came to our rescue right away when Sacramento was facing unseasonably warm weather and our air conditioner had broken.

They made it to our home really fast and made the repairs fast as well. And they were extremely professional as they repaired our air conditioner. They made us feel great about having chosen them to perform our air conditioning repairs and, like our friends, we won’t hesitate passing on their name to other friends in need.

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Window Plan

February 25th, 2013

We have a new home in San Jose and just got windows put in by California Window Masters. It completely transformed the way our home looks and made it look like a palace. We couldn’t be happier with the transformation. It automatically took our house from looking drab to looking fresh and new. It’s crazy what a small change like new windows can do to an entire house’s image.

They have great customer service and were so helpful during the entire process. They told us all of our options and had a great selection of all the most popular brands of windows. It was hard choosing which ones we like better! Because we had never done this before, and California Window Masters has been in the business for years, they offered great tips and suggestions during the choosing process and helped us pick the best windows for our house.

We couldn’t be happier with the prices we got and the way our house looks. All of our neighbors have come over to tell us how great it looks and they are all thinking about getting new windows now too. It was simple and easy and made such a big different. I wouldn’t have gone with another company!

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December Friend Date Night

December 15th, 2012

There are a lot of great places to share a few drinks with friends. But my friends in particular love spending time chatting and sipping on wine together. We also love eating together, if I am being honest.  We did all of these things while we were at Rendez-vous Winery.

Over the holidays, it can get busy, so my friends and I like to schedule a holiday friend date night well in advance of December so we make sure to make some time for each other. Plus, a few of us have birthdays in the month of December, so it’s kind of like killing two birds with one stone. And by “birds,” I mean we are killing bottles of wine. And by “with one stone,” I mean, by drinking them.

No matter what we are doing together, we always have such a great time just catching up and talking about what’s been going on lately. As we are all mothers with careers, it’s nice to just be able to, if even for a few hours, go back to how things were when we were single twenty-somethings. I don’t necessarily want to go back to my younger years, but sometimes it’s nice to feel young and fancy-free for a hot second.

Thanks to Rendez-vous and my fun group of friends for making this December friend date a day to remember!

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Why Hiring a San Francisco Moving Company Was Right For My Move

November 29th, 2012

golden bay sf moversGolden Bay Relocation, who are movers in San Francisco, made what might have been a very stressful move, into a totally stress-free and uncomplicated move. I was moving out of a home I had lived in for 8 years and thought I was going to spend the rest of my life their. But the economy hit my business hard and I was forced to downsize and sell my house.  But I felt lucky to have the support and help of my moving company in San Francisco.

A good moving company in the City is hard to find. There are all kinds of scammers just looking for someone to cheat out of their hard-earned money. In fact, that happened to a friend of mine. She didn’t want to pay for a premium moving company, so she looked on Craigslist for someone who was advertising cheap moving services. She hired someone from Craigslist, but it turned out to be anything but cheap. She ended up having to pay hundreds extra because of charges that were added on by the fake moving company.

I knew that hiring a moving company would be expensive, but I also knew that it would be worth it if I didn’t have some one to help me with the move. I knew that if I hired Golden Bay, I would get what I paid for—no more, no less.

And I was right about that. The staff at Golden Bay was exceptionally friendly and did a wonderful job with my move. Nothing was out of place and I even drew up a map of where I wanted everything, and they placed everything where I had planned. It was a perfect execution of how I wanted everything to be I my new home.

Since I really didn’t have to stress much over the physical portion of the move, I felt that the move went much smoother. I was stressed for a little while when I became overwhelmed by the empty boxes I needed to pack, but for the most part, it was an easy move. And easy was just what I needed at that time.

Hiring Golden Bay truly made my move a much more pleasant experience. I didn’t have to worry about street parking or driving a huge moving van and I didn’t have to worry about making sure that all of my heavy objects made it into and out of the truck. All I had to do what let the movers in and let them do what they needed to get the job done.

My San Francisco move wasn’t as devastating as I imagined it would be. I feel ready to make the next transition in my life.

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Girls Trip to Old Sugar Mill

September 20th, 2012

Old Sugar Mill outside SacramentoMy girlfriends and I decided to go for a day of wine tasting after a few of them had gotten married. We had spent the summer talking about nothing but weddings so we planned a trip so that we could spend some quality time together. And because we love wine. Since we had a summer full of weddings, we also didn’t want to spend too much money.  We decided to keep our wine tasting weekend local so we didn’t have to drive very far and wouldn’t have to pay a lot for tastings in somewhere like Napa. A friend had gone to the Old Sugar Mill before and had a great experience, so we decided to make the 20 min drive from Sacramento and go check it out.

While there was a lot about that trip that stood out to me, I had the best experience with Rendez-vous Winery because of the helpful staff and because the wines were DELICIOUS.

I’m pretty sure they mostly make white wine, but it was so delicious that I didn’t even care. I’m generally not crazy about white wine but I made an exception. It is entirely possible that I’ve never tasted good white wine before, but after this, I think I won’t bother with anything else.

The first wine I tasted of theirs was the 2011 Chenin Blanc. It was light and crisp but not too dry. The tasting attendant told me it was one of their most popular wines and I could see why. I was incredibly balanced and I couldn’t imagine any food tasting bad with it.

The next wine we had was the 2009 Rendez-blanc. Just smelling this wine made my mouth water. It smelled so good I wanted to bottle it and spray it as a perfume. I didn’t of course, but I was even more thrilled to find that it tasted just as good as it smelled. It had notes of pear and butterscotch and had an excellently smooth finish. I could drink that wine everyday, I think.

We also tasted the 2009 Late Harvest Chardonnay, which was a little sweet for me, but I would drink it as a dessert wine. It had notes of apricot and honey as well as citrus. One of my friends liked it so much, she bought a whole case! It is interesting how different people can have such varying taste buds.

I left the winery with eight bottles of wine. Two Chenin Blanc, four Rendez-blanc  and two Late Harvest Chardonnay. The prices were pretty reasonable and I felt like the experience was well-worth the cost. The staff answered all of our questions (and some of my friends had a lot of them) and made sure to give recommendations based on each of our preferences.

I was so glad to have gotten the chance to spend time with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time as well as find a new winery like Rendez-vous in Clarksberg. I will definitely come back, next time with more trunk space!

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Using a Property Management Company

August 7th, 2012

Vienna Property Management associate working with rentersSo, I just bought my first rental property. And honestly, If it wasn’t for Vienna Property Management who operates out of El Dorado HIlls, Lincoln and Citrus Heights, I might not own an investment property anymore. I thought that owning a property for investment purposes would be easy. You fix it up, rent it out, pay your mortgage and keep what’s left over. Wow, was I surprised at the amount of work it actually takes to keep an investment property in the black.

First off, dealing with tenants and property issues are not easy, and take a considerable amount of time. When tenants have issues the property needs to be attended too immediately. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week. If a property needs fixing, it’s the landlords job to fix it.

Secondly, if the property is vacant the entire mortgage comes out of my pocket. If a property is vacant for an extended period of time, my investment could actually go belly up. And if a property is vacant that means I have to find the tenants. With a full time job, I couldn’t have been more naive into thinking I could do this on my own.

Fortunately, after losing money for 6 months on my investment, I decided to use a property management company. I Googled property managers in my area and found Vienna Property Management. They operate out of Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights and Lincoln. From what I gathered, they appeared to be the number one property management company in the area. Upon signing with them, my property has been occupied at a rate higher than what I was going for, and they take of all the tenant problems. I now have a true investment property thanks to Vienna Property Management, and I even got my spare time back. Thanks Vienna.

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Moving Don’ts in San Diego

July 24th, 2012

Take it from us, you will have plenty of things to DO during your move, so today we are focusing on what NOT to do during your move. Here are some helpful hints provided to us by Manpower Movers San Diego:

Don’t use printed newspaper when packing fine china.

Instead, use packing paper. Really, you should use packing paper for every item you pack because newspaper can bleed ink onto anything it has contact with. The last thing you want is for your mother-in-law’s china to arrive safety to your new home with the funnies plastered all over it!

Don’t use large boxes when packing books.

This goes for other heavy items as well. The reason is because books are very heavy for their size. Pack a cardboard box full of them and you suddenly have a very heavy box that could break or injure the person carrying it.

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve a mover.

Chances are, you are not the only person in the world moving on the day you have elected to do so. You will want to make sure to give your movers 4 to 6 weeks advance notice if at all possible. That way you can make sure they will have the necessary equipment to assist you during your move.

Don’t use previously used boxes.

It may be tempting to use boxes inherited by friends and family, but it is best to use new boxes especially made for moving. Used boxes may not be structurally sound after a previous move and can collapse, leaving you with damaged or broken belongings. Alternatively, many companies offer programs that utilize large plastic bins that are reusable and better for the environment.

Don’t use boxes without tops.

Again, you may be tempted to work with what you already have, but boxes without tops aren’t stackable and therefore difficult to transport. Buying the necessary supplies when you are moving will save a lot of time and will better preserve your belongings from damage.  You will want to make sure to tape boxes shut, not simply interlock them because they can easily cave in and crush the contents inside.

Don’t use duct tape.

Instead, use packing tape. Duct tape may seem like the sturdier choice, but it doesn’t stick to cardboard very well. Packing tape, on the other hand, is designed to stick to surfaces made of paper.

Don’t pack items from different rooms in the same box.

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