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A Fast Loan When I Felt Helpless

March 9th, 2013

I’ve never been good with money, but when I lost my job this last January, I felt so alone. But Same Day Auto Title Loan of Roseville came to my rescue and helped me at a time when I thought I was completely helpless.

Unlike many other types of loans, Same Day Auto Title Loan was able to approve me over the phone without even running a credit check. They were able to get the cash in my hands quickly without having to jump through a series of hoops to get it. I was pretty pleased that I was able to get the money when I needed it.

One thing about unemployment that was frustrating was that no matter how hard I was trying to get a job, I still wasn’t coming up with any leads. In the meantime, I was still trying to make rent and pay for recurring bills. It was great that I was taking out a loan on something I already owned, and I could use it as collateral for paying off my loan.

I liked working with Same Day Auto Title Loan because they were really personable and helpful in everyway I needed them to be. I had a myriad of questions about the loan process that they were able to help me with. I felt really taken care of them and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any future loans.

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A Better Loan

February 18th, 2013

Getting a loan has always made me nervous. At least until I used Same Day Auto Title Loan located in Sacramento Roseville Elk Grove and Folsom. I have been lucky enough so far to not have to worry about taking out a loan, but I’ve always worried about anything high interest or high risk.

When I was having a cashflow issue earlier this year, I knew that taking out a loan would be the best way to make sure I stayed on top of things. I was in school and had to pay rent, so there were innumerable ways that I could suddenly not have enough cash to support myself. I was between part-time jobs and honestly just a little worried that I wasn’t going to make rent this month.

Same Day Auto Title Company was really helpful and got me approved for a loan within minutes. I really only called them and got approved—they didn’t even need to check my credit! I was so relieved to know that I would be going to be able to pay my tuition and rent for the next few months.

The way the loan works is that you give them the title of your car as collateral, and then they give you however much cash you need for it. Although my car is worth more than $4,000, I only took out a $4,000 loan because I didn’t want to pay interest on an amount higher than that.

So without even having to get my credit checked, I was able to get a very good loan with fairly low interest and I knew it would be very possible for me to pay it off in a timely fashion. The great part about the loan was that I could even take out more if I absolutely needed to.

Same Day Auto Title Loan was a great way for me to ensure that I would be able to make it through the semester. I trusted the company and I believed that I was going to be able to pay it of right away.

Same Day Title Loans also serves Rancho Cordova with Car and Auto Title Loans.

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My Surprise Big Business

December 29th, 2012

bookkeeping memeWhen I started my small business, I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually I hired e-Office team, but before that, things weren’t so easy. First of all, I had started this business as more of a side project. It was just a hobby of mine that I decided to make some profit on. Little did I know that two years later, my business would be thriving and I would need ten employees simply to keep my head over water.

It was a slow process, but I eventually started to grow my small business until I outgrew my home office. After we moved into a new office, I began to fill it with more staff as the company kept growing exponentially. From the beginning, I had always been doing my own bookkeeping, but as the company grew, so did our finances and I no longer felt comfortable relying on myself to keep track of everything.

I actually found out about e-Office Team online when I looked up local Sacramento bookkeepers. I went through a few before landing on them because I felt they would really be able to accommodate our company. They were a boutique bookkeeping firm and made the commitment to be available to us when we needed them most.

It was such a relief once I hired e-Office team to manage our bookkeeping because I no longer had the time to manage it well and I didn’t want to train anyone else when I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hire a full-time in house accountant for a while. Although, I wasn’t ruling it out because my company was indeed growing fast.

By hiring e-Office Team to do our bookkeeping and accounting, I was able to avail myself to do the thin I’m really passionate about—helping others succeed. It was great to finally be able to do what I wanted to instead of always worrying about the books and wondering if I had everything down right. Now I can be sure that e-Office Team has be squared away!

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A Matter of Pride – Car Equity Loans

December 7th, 2012

I was having a hard time after I lost my job and in the meantime I was having a hard time paying rent. Same Car Title Loan saved me and allowed me to pay for my expenses in between jobs. I had been relying on the kindness of friends and family for a few weeks, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of asking yet another person for a favor. So I called Same Day Title Loan and they were able to get me the cash I needed to get off and running!

Working with Same Day Title Loan was a quick and easy process—I didn’t have to spend hours looking at legal documents. The staff at Same Day Auto Title Loan was really helpful in making sure I understood everything about the loan I was taking out. I don’t even have that nice of a car and they were able to help me get enough money to last two more months of unemployment. I was pretty happy about it!

It didn’t take me very long to repay the loan because I got a great job only a month after that. It was such a relief to know that I was basically borrowing against myself and not a bank or a friend. I had already bought my car, so it was money that was mine. Plus, the low interest rate was really appealing as well. I was confident that I was making the best financial choice available to me at the time. And I still think so, even weeks after I have repaid the loan in full.

The best part about all of this is that I got the job so soon after I got the loan, but not so soon after that I didn’t absolutely need it. Sure, I could have asked for favors from my friends and family, but at the end of the day, it was a matter of pride. I had worked really hard to be financially independent for my entire life and I didn’t want to have to ask for any more hand outs. I have generous people in my life, but I also didn’t want anyone to think I was taking advantage of their kindness.

Working with Same Day Title Loan saved me from my pride and saved me for the month that I didn’t have enough money to make rent. I am not back on my feet and I will always be grateful for Same Day Auto Loan!

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