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Vending Machines Our Way

January 31st, 2013

Many of our employees have been requesting that we get a vending machine, and after one of them took the time to get a quote from San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines we finally decided that it might be a good option to have for the employees at the office.

One of the reasons I was reluctant to install a vending machine was because I didn’t want to encourage unhealthy eating by providing unhealthy snacks at the office. I didn’t want my employees to have an endless supply of soda and candy at their fingertips. Instead, they just complained because there weren’t many dining options where our office is located.

However, the employee that talked to San Francisco Bay Area Vending told me that the vending machines were totally customizable and they offer many healthy options for those watching their sodium, fat and caloric intake. For example, they offer Propel water and granola bars in addition to offering classic snacks like candy bars and soda.

They also offer all of the brands that you would want: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Milk Way, Snickers, Lays—all of the snacks you would want to find in a vending machine, plus healthy options too. I realized that, at the end of the day, I can’t control what my staff eats. That’s really up to them. If they want to drink five sodas back to back, that’s their choice, all I can do in encourage them otherwise.

In fact, I thought up a cool way to encourage them to eat healthier by subsidizing the healthier choices in the vending machine. Everything that is better for your health is lower in price. Not because it is cheaper, but because I am making it that way. I think that will be a good compromise to make sure to reward them for eating better.

I am really glad that we got in touch with San Francisco Bay Area Vending to get vending machines that met our needs as an office. And the fact that I could completely customize the vending machine was a really cool idea. I didn’t know that doing that for a vending machine was even possible. Corporate Cuisine really made it easy for my office to get the snacks we need at a price we want!

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Sticky: Benefits of Having 800 Numbers for Your Business

April 12th, 2012

When thinking of enhancing your business branding and customer service, having 800 numbers for your business can hit two birds with one stone. While you will have to pay the telephone company in order to have a business 800 number, there are a number of advantages in having one.

Premium 800 Numbers Aid in Your Business’ Branding

Having an 800 number creates an image of sincerity and professionalism. When a company invests in tools that make it easier for customers to get in touch with them, it creates a perception that customer service is a company priority.

A 1-800 number that spells out the company name through the phone’s alpha-numeric keypad makes more people remember your number. This is even going a step further in your company branding.

Reach Out to More Customers and Potential Customers

Many 1-800 numbers can be called toll-free. This is perfect if you would like to get customers from nearby counties and states. This works well if you have products that can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. Companies with online products, which are downloadable or accessible right after payments were made, can also get more sales by having a toll-free 800 number.

Reminders About Having a Business 800 Number

If you can afford it, have a different 800 number for sales inquiries and another number for technical support. With this you can assign specialists to answer each line. Also, when a technical specialist has been stressed out by complicated inquiries, sales calls will not be affected by the technical support personnel’s mood.

When you have a 1-800 number for your business, be sure to keep up with your payment schedule. If your 800 number becomes inactive, you may lose a big fraction of your customers.

If you want to get your customer service and company branding to a higher level, consider getting 800 numbers for your business. These are easy for your clients to remember and will connect them to you fast. To get more information on this service, contact your telephone service provider and other communications service companies.

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