A/C Repair Blues

March 8th, 2013
by Marc

The summer before last, our heating was down for two weeks before we could find someone to fix it. But that was before we knew about Alley Heating & Air Conditioning located in Sacramento. When our A/C broke this summer, we were luckily more prepared for it.

Our friends had recommended Alley Heating & Air for air conditioning and heating repair because they had such a great experience with them each time. This meant that when we asked them for a recommendation, they were happy to give us the card of their favorite air conditioning repair company: Alley Heating and Air.

We were really happy with the efficiency and quickness with which Alley worked on our air conditioning to repair it. They came to our rescue right away when Sacramento was facing unseasonably warm weather and our air conditioner had broken.

They made it to our home really fast and made the repairs fast as well. And they were extremely professional as they repaired our air conditioner. They made us feel great about having chosen them to perform our air conditioning repairs and, like our friends, we won’t hesitate passing on their name to other friends in need.

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