A Retail Experience

August 20th, 2013
by Marc

When I opened my own business in early 2007, I had a vision for it– I wanted a certain location, a certain atmosphere, and a certain look. And people who helped me make my retail dreams a reality is CBRE because they helped me find all of the locations that fit my vision plan for my business exactly. In addition to doing research to discover the retail needs of the area, they were also able to help me visualize what furniture would go where. They really painted a picture for me!

It’s now been almost six years and I am so glad I hired CBRE to help me get retail property for my business. I honestly think the location of my store has made all the difference in how my products sell. The old real estate mantra was right! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I feel really accomplished and I can’t wait for CBRE to help me open up a new location in Roseville very soon!

Of course I think my products speak for themselves, but I also think that the location really helped my sales. After all, even if you have a brilliant new product, it won’t mean anything if no one knows about it! So I am very thankful to CBRE for helping me make my dreams come true!

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