A Fast Loan When I Felt Helpless

March 9th, 2013
by Marc

I’ve never been good with money, but when I lost my job this last January, I felt so alone. But Same Day Auto Title Loan of Roseville came to my rescue and helped me at a time when I thought I was completely helpless.

Unlike many other types of loans, Same Day Auto Title Loan was able to approve me over the phone without even running a credit check. They were able to get the cash in my hands quickly without having to jump through a series of hoops to get it. I was pretty pleased that I was able to get the money when I needed it.

One thing about unemployment that was frustrating was that no matter how hard I was trying to get a job, I still wasn’t coming up with any leads. In the meantime, I was still trying to make rent and pay for recurring bills. It was great that I was taking out a loan on something I already owned, and I could use it as collateral for paying off my loan.

I liked working with Same Day Auto Title Loan because they were really personable and helpful in everyway I needed them to be. I had a myriad of questions about the loan process that they were able to help me with. I felt really taken care of them and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any future loans.

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