A Better Loan

February 18th, 2013
by Marc

Getting a loan has always made me nervous. At least until I used Same Day Auto Title Loan located in Sacramento Roseville Elk Grove and Folsom. I have been lucky enough so far to not have to worry about taking out a loan, but I’ve always worried about anything high interest or high risk.

When I was having a cashflow issue earlier this year, I knew that taking out a loan would be the best way to make sure I stayed on top of things. I was in school and had to pay rent, so there were innumerable ways that I could suddenly not have enough cash to support myself. I was between part-time jobs and honestly just a little worried that I wasn’t going to make rent this month.

Same Day Auto Title Company was really helpful and got me approved for a loan within minutes. I really only called them and got approved—they didn’t even need to check my credit! I was so relieved to know that I would be going to be able to pay my tuition and rent for the next few months.

The way the loan works is that you give them the title of your car as collateral, and then they give you however much cash you need for it. Although my car is worth more than $4,000, I only took out a $4,000 loan because I didn’t want to pay interest on an amount higher than that.

So without even having to get my credit checked, I was able to get a very good loan with fairly low interest and I knew it would be very possible for me to pay it off in a timely fashion. The great part about the loan was that I could even take out more if I absolutely needed to.

Same Day Auto Title Loan was a great way for me to ensure that I would be able to make it through the semester. I trusted the company and I believed that I was going to be able to pay it of right away.

Same Day Title Loans also serves Rancho Cordova with Car and Auto Title Loans.

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