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A Retail Experience

August 20th, 2013

When I opened my own business in early 2007, I had a vision for it– I wanted a certain location, a certain atmosphere, and a certain look. And people who helped me make my retail dreams a reality is CBRE because they helped me find all of the locations that fit my vision plan for my business exactly. In addition to doing research to discover the retail needs of the area, they were also able to help me visualize what furniture would go where. They really painted a picture for me!

It’s now been almost six years and I am so glad I hired CBRE to help me get retail property for my business. I honestly think the location of my store has made all the difference in how my products sell. The old real estate mantra was right! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I feel really accomplished and I can’t wait for CBRE to help me open up a new location in Roseville very soon!

Of course I think my products speak for themselves, but I also think that the location really helped my sales. After all, even if you have a brilliant new product, it won’t mean anything if no one knows about it! So I am very thankful to CBRE for helping me make my dreams come true!

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Unique Life Coaching

August 8th, 2013

Empathy Therapy is a unique approach to Psychiatry in Sacramento. If you are looking for a Psychiatrist in Sacramento they offer a lot of services ranging from life coaching, medical solutions, diagnostic testing, psychiatric services, therapy, and many other cutting edge services.  There are many ways to achieve wellness and recover from suffering. And Psychiatrist Sacramento is a great resource for all of these. One option is with medications, which this Psychiatrist in Sacramento can certainly prescribe. Reducing side effects is also important in treatment. Your care at Psychiatrist Sacramento will be personalized and tailored to your unique needs. Psychiatrist in Sacramento is available to support and work for your improvement. Psychiatrist in Sacramento believes in ethical care and providing all options for psychiatric treatment consideration in the greater Sacramento area.  After yourself, Psychiatrist in Sacramento is the biggest advocate for life improvement in Sacramento.

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AC Repair ASAP!

August 8th, 2013

Moving to the central valley in the summer was not my brightest idea to date, but my new job relocation required it. Before I could start looking for a home to buy I rented a small studio apartment in Downtown Sacramento, close to my new job. It was convenient and had everything I needed, especially central A/C to cool off in this Sacramento heat wave. The only problem was that within the first week the A/C unit gave out! They definitely were not kidding about those hot August nights in Sacramento! I needed my AC repaired soon!

After sweating it out for a few nights, I alerted my property manager to my A/C woes, and that I needed AC repair ASAP and luckily the management company had a go to A/C Maintenance Company on call, Alley Heating and Air. They trusted Alley Heating and Air, and had been using them to service their apartment buildings in Sacramento for the past five years, and obviously trusted their service, and their AC repair expertise.

Alley Heating and Air came out within hours to look at my A/C unit, their promptness was astounding! It was amazing! I was so pleased with my quality AC repair the technician, was fast and reapired my central A/C very quickly! No more sleepless nights! I was very happy with Alley Heating and Air AC repair and can understand why my property management company uses them. I will definitely use Alley Heating and Air in the future when I become a homeowner in the greater Sacramento area.

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Vacation Surprise!

August 8th, 2013

On a recent family vacation this summer to the beach, we left our car parked in front of our house in downtown Sacramento, thinking it would be safe for the weekend. Boy were we wrong! After a lovely vacation we arrived home to find our driver side window had been smashed! Luckily there was nothing in the car to be stolen and the car itself was safe, but still what a hassle to have the window replaced! The first thing we did was call our insurance company, and recommended a few local Sacramento auto glass repair companies.

We recognized Precision Auto Glass, and called them. They were so friendly and helpful on the phone and were able to schedule an appointment for the next day to come out to our home in order to fix our broken driver window. This was a relief because at this point we just wanted to keep the car in the garage. Precision Auto Glass arrived the very next morning on time and prompt for their scheduled appointment. It’s very important when dealing with a situation that involves my family’s safety, and I appreciate that Precision Auto Glass respected that.

I was very happy with the results of my service with Precision Auto Glass, they were prompt and their quality of work was impeccable. Precision Auto Glass even made working with my insurance company a breeze. I will definitely be using Precision Auto Glass for all my future auto glass needs in Sacramento.

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My Big Seattle Move

August 2nd, 2013

I work for a company that is based in Seattle, so I know that if I got high enough up, that I would eventually be moving to Seattle. I just didn’t know that I would get promoted so fast. I was going to be moving in a month, so I needed to find a Local Seattle Movers. After doing some research, I found Puget Sound Moving because they had great reviews on Yelp and great customer service. They were really personable, even over the phone.

They agreed to do a move for me that would be a little different than they were used to because I would be moving a little farther than they generally do. But they were really helpful and willing to work with me. I knew that hiring a moving company would be a great decision because it would be so much less stressful than doing it all myself.

And I was right! Working with Puget Sound Moving was a great idea because they made the moving process so easy! And this is coming from someone who HATES MOVING. Now that I’m settled in Seattle, I just love my new place and my new city. Thanks to Puget Sound for getting me there!


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