November 22nd, 2011
by Marc

I hate the holiday season. But, listed below are people who totally deserve to both profit from and love it.

So I’m sitting here about to write a “Holiday Shopping Review,” about to give people advice on where to shop and what to buy for the holidays. Then, I realized, I hate them. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are my three least favorite holidays on the calendar (blame my family, “Vict’ry With the Help of God,” from 8th Grade Chorus and being a lapsed Catholic respectively) and in writing said review, my head would likely explode from plain outright lying and being a pandering author, which is certainly not my goal here in any way whatsoever.

So, instead of all of that nonsense, I’ll tell you about a few good people I know over the next few weeks and whythey actually deserve your money at the holidays for being just all around top notch quality people you’ve likely never heard of, but should:

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