November 22nd, 2011
by Marc

Teach…your children well…

So, some find this controversial, I find it wonderful. My political acculturing took place in 1988 when I played Michael Dukakis versus Kimathi Tull’s George Bush in a group of debates shown in the DC Public School System. These kids, they get their political awkening from reciting painstakingly reworked T.I. lyrics. I’m all for subverting the system for the sake of education. This is really quite amazing. I can’t imagine the kids esposusing John McCain were happy, but, shit. They got on CNN for this, so i suppose it really wasn’t that hard of a sell. Me, I’d be the kid refusing to take part at all. I once turned down a semester trip to Saudi Arabia in the sixth grade because of my fear of terrorism. Yeah, that one was pretty dumb. I mean, the girl that ended up going, yeah, all she took from the trip was that English speaking shows are badly dubbed and McDonald’s tastes the same pretty much everywhere. Gah! But yeah, without further ado, the children from Atlanta, GA’s Ron Clark Academy with “You Can Vote However You Like…”


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